"Destroying the planet is one thing, but laughing about it is truly what makes us human."  

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About Us

Welcome to the New Mexico Ecopedia, brought to you by the non-profit Digital Filmmaking Institute. We need to re-energize and continue our efforts to treat our planet as a precious resource. What are the problems? What are the solutions? What better way to learn and to bring awareness to the forefront than through entertainment.

Please enjoy the mini-documentaries about individuals and small businesses around New Mexico who are involved in developing creative solutions to our eco-predicament.

We’d especially like to call your attention to our EnComs (environmental comedies). These comedies portray worst practices in a humorous way. But we still get the message. This is an on-going series that we are currently developing. We hope to expand the Ecopedia over time with more fun educational materials. So stay tuned and check back often for updates.